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Thornton and Steve.

Who's in the band?
Thornton Bowman: acoustic guitar, voice, and songs
Mark Drake: drums, voice
Steve Miller: bass
Randy Rush: keyboards, accordion, voice
Don Miller: electric guitar, voice, and cigar boxes

What kind of music do you play? How about "eclectic front porch swing"? People who like John Prine and Neil Young seem to feel right at home. If you like, take a listen and let us know what to call it.

How long has the band been together?
In various forms, since 1996. The first recordings emerged in 1998. Thornton and Don have been around since the beginning, but a host of alumnae includes Duane Taylor (guitar, drums), MJ Bishop (voice, mandolin, accordion), Saundrah Humphrey (viola), Walter Harley (bass), and Eric Smith (mandolin, Dobro, bottleneck).

Where are you, and where are you from? Seattle, Washington. Thornton is from Virginia. Mark was from Iowa a long time ago. Steve and Don are local boys. Randy's from Kentucky, but he changed his accent when he left.

What's a Thornton Creek? It's a real creek in Seattle.

So there's a guy named Thornton but his last name isn't Creek? True.

How do you spell ThorNton Creek (the band, not the creek)? Just like that. With a capital "N" in the middle. Sometimes people forget the "N", so we made it taller.