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fancypants, available from
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Corbin Reiff wrote about fancypants in The Seattle Weekly: "Sounding like a remastering of music recorded a long, long time ago, this is country without the Nashville sheen, "Every Little Now and Then" and "Hold on Dahlin" in particular. It feels like a throwback, a reminder of what the genre originally sounded like."

We've been recording lots of new songs. We're trying to figure out the best way to market it in a world where albums, CDs, or even 2 songs together are beoming rarities. If you've thoughts about this, write to us with your ideas.

Check out this offering from the ThorNton Creek Industries Whimsy Forge: Ain't Got Time. Enjoy.

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If you'd like to book the band, just Thornton, or any combination, email us.

KBCS, KEXP, and SomaFM ("Boot Liquor Radio") are just a few of the many fine radio stations you could contact to ask for more Creek. (It turns out people do still listen to the radio. Who knew?) And don't be bashful about posting comments about the CD all over Facebook, or at Amazon, or on bathroom walls in your area.

Here's a cute little song from a recent streaming basement concert. We usually play standing up!